Alessandra Gallo Jewellery
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Alessandra Gallo Jewellery

Alessandra Gallo's hip jewelry collection is inspired by nature and features natural stones, stalactite slices, sliced geodes and semi-precious stones. As an Italian designer based in California, her background is eclectic and inspired by her frequent travels to all corners of the globe. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and lovingly hand-made.

Her clientele consists mainly of fashionistas, celebrities, fashion editors and socialites in the US, Europe and Asia, who are attracted by her sophisticated, at times whimsical, contemporary yet timeless designs and high quality of materials.

She grew up in Milan, where she was exposed to art, design and fashion since childhood. Her mother had an art gallery and then become a fashion designer and artist, and her uncle founded a prestigious avant-garde experimental theater. Their circle of friends included architects, designers, photographers, artists and musicians.

She has been involved in Human Rights work, with Amnesty International, for the last 25 years. After working for 15 years as a marketing consultant in London, Alessandra moved to California, where she dedicated her time to the development of the Amnesty International Film Festival, of which she was pro-bono director for 6 years. The festival expanded to 8 cities around the US.

She then started her venture in jewelry design and launched her line at the Oscars with the Blood Diamond Pin, highlighting the issue of conflict diamonds. The limited edition pins were worn by actors and directors, Academy Award nominees and presenters and were hand-made by Ricardo Basta Beverly Hills, who also generously donated labor and materials. See the pin >


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